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All Hair Style (Frosty) and All In shop hack New Update | PNS

Written By Faiz Al Zukhruf on Friday, 24 February 2012 | 15:45

Fidder: Download
SWF: Download

Tutorial :
- Login your Facebook
- After that clean the cache
- New run Fiddler
- Click the Tab autoresponder (which his lightning green icon)
- Tick ​​the box "Enable automatic responses" and also "Permit passthrough for Unmatched request"
*Use a hair male if your character is male
*Use a hair female if you are female characters
- Drop it. SWF file that you downloaded earlier to the column Autoresponder
- Go to Ninja Saga
- Select a The character and play
- Go to Style Shop

Fitur :

-Nanabi Pet New.. (PNS Only)
-Baju ,  Weapon,  BackItem Langka (PNS Only)
-Jutsu Langka  (PNS Only)
-Pet Langka (PNS Only)

Note :
Cheat ini Permanent..
For All hAir Style hack Can use for  NinjaSaga and PNS .. XD (Emblem : Need 0 Token, Free user need : 200 Token)
Untuk Beli Jutsu langka Masuk ke Academy >> PNS  Only
Untuk Beli Baju ,  Weapon,  BackItem langka Masuk Shop   >>  PNS   Only
Untuk Beli Pet Langka masuk ke Pet Shop >> PNS Only

How to Delete the cache:
* For Mozilla Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Choose Network Tab -> Clear Now -> Click OK
* For Google Chrome: Select the icon in the upper right corner (next to the stars) -> Options -> Under the Hood -> Clear Browsing Data -> Empty the cache -> Clear Browsing Data

-Weapon & Clothing Skin(Equip Kunai & Newbie Clothing)
-Premium User Free, Free User 200 Token(Hair Style)
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